Cheers to a new year & a new blog!

Hi, Erin and Taylor here and welcome to our new blog. We thought before diving into the deep end that we would do a little introduction blog post for you to learn a little more about us and what we’re here to do. You may have come from our Instagram page @booksbyerinandtay (and if not, little self promo there!) We decided that 2021 was the year for a new blog, especially considering we are all at home and our eyes are constantly locked at our screens. To find out more about us individually, head over to our ‘About Us’ page, but for now, let’s have a little chat… I hope you have your tea ready!

What can you expect from this page?

  • All things book related
    • Reviews
    • Monthly Favourites
    • Recommendations
    • Discussions
  • Lifestyle
    • Fashion
    • Music
    • Girl talk
    • Talking Taboos
  • Mental Health
    • and finally, if you know us, you will know that we are mental health advocates and passionate about spreading awareness.

This blog is going to be an open space for all topics, not limited to one. Although we love books and will probably post about them the most, we also want to leave an open space for different conversations (I’m sure there will be times when we need to rant!)

So on that note, welcome and thank you for joining us on this new journey.


Erin & Taylor


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