‘Insatiable’ by Daisy Buchanan

Review by @booksbyerinandtay

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Stuck in a dead-end job, broken-hearted, broke and estranged from her best friend; Violet’s life is nothing like she thought it would be. She wants more – better friends, better sex, a better job – and she wants it now. So, when Lottie – who looks like the woman Violet wants to be when she grows up – offers Violet the chance to join her exciting start-up, she bites. Only it soon becomes clear that Lottie and her husband Simon are not only inviting Violet into their company, they are also inviting her into their lives.”

Our account has become the epitome of popular booksta books. If a book is doing the rounds on bookstagram, best believe we’ll be picking them up straight away. I (taylor) was completely drawn in by the beautiful cover. She’s stunning. I’m obsessed. When I told Erin I brought it, she followed suit. And we both are big fans. Insatiable was such an enjoyable read, we both read the book within a few days and it was very hard to put down. It’s saucy, enticing and a very easy read.

We are introduced to Violet, who is drawn in by Lottie after meeting her at a work event. Violet is mesmerised by Lottie, because she is everything Lottie aspires to be- she seems like she has her life together, while Violet feels like her life is falling apart. When Lottie introduces Violet to her husband, they give Violet an offer that she can’t refuse. Things begin to deepen between them and Violet is quickly plunged into a sexual relationship with them both, and soon after introduced to their friends who like to host raunchy parties (if you know what we mean). Falling head first, Violet doesn’t consider her actions and what may come from cracks beginning to show in a world she considers to be unflawed.

As the truth begins to come out and Lottie and Simon begin to shapeshift, Sasha, one of their friends tries to advise Violet to get out because it won’t end well. But, Violet is undecided and confused, and as she is trying to mend broken relationships and unravel what she thinks she wants her future to look like, she is fighting a battle between her heart and her head.

We both devoured this book. The writing was sharp and witty, an embodiment of contemporary novels which we all love so much. The writing was addictively funny and the characters were so real, as a debut, Daisy really shows off her skills. The book, although very sexy, also discusses incredibly important topics, such as consent, sexual assault, disorded eating and a need for belonging. All in all, we don’t really have anything bad to say. We both predicted the ending fairly quickly, which we weren’t disappointed with. I think Bunchanan creates characters, both likeable and dislikable so vividly that from the get-go, we really liked Violet, and by the end, had characters who we really didn’t (Lottie, Simon, Mark, Max, we’re looking at you).

We’d highly recommend this book. It has so many layers to dissect, and yet, still remains such an enjoyable and easy read. Definitely pick this one up if you haven’t already.

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