‘The Colour of Hope’ by Jen Feroze


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The garden smells of old rain and hyacinths.
Tomorrow I will paint my lips the colour of cherries.
So ripe they could burst.”

This book was very kindly gifted to us. And we’re so grateful, because it was the most beautiful book.

Jen Feroze’s debut collection of poetry, The Colour Of Hope was produced during the first lockdown of 2020 in the UK. At a time where finding beauty and hope felt so out of reach and difficult, Jen collects three things that guarantee an individual’s recipients happiness and interweaves them in a poem, so beautifully rooted that it’s breath-taking. Jen Feroze weaves together themes of nature, family, freedom and hope so seamlessly that we couldn’t stop from turning the pages. We both devoured it in one sitting on a Sunday afternoon, which in itself felt cathartic.

At a time of uncertainty and longing, it’s hard to stay hopeful when the world feels too heavy to carry but reading these poems, we are able to visualise and encounter what people are excited about when we begin to experience normality again. Which in turns, fills us with hope for the future. The poems are so evocative and full of warmth, with Jen creating an immortal slice of people’s happiness during a time where finding happiness is hard. The poems are so uplifting that you can’t help but smile whilst reading each poem. Jen’s writing style is beautiful and accessible all at once. I (taylor) am an avid poetry reader, and Erin isn’t as much, but we both loved the book all the same because we are all going to be able to connect to it in some shape or form. It is full of enticing imagery and metaphors that are stunningly crafted. This book was an embodiment of a hug, and I didn’t realise how much we needed something like this until we read it. I didn’t want it to end, I wanted the poems to go on and on because there is something so special about seeing happiness through the lens of other people. It was like we were seeing happiness for the first time again.

I cannot express how much everyone needs to read this poetry collection. It was so beautiful and exactly what everyone could use in this climate. It’s so uplifting and really grounds you, showing that you can find happiness in everyday things- a late night snack, listening to Fleetwood mac, baking and dancing. We both loved it so much. My brain is already itching to re-read it.

Thank you again to @the_colourofhope and @isabellekenyonpoetry for this gorgeous collection ❤️

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