‘White Eye of the Needle’ by Chris Campbell

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“He sweeps his brush, coarse as a wave, heavy as rain. This too will age.”

eeek we’re so happy to be on another blog tour! thank u so much @isabellekenyonpoetry and @bychriscampbell for gifting us this wonderful book 💗💗 #gifted

First off, the cover of this poetry collection is absolutely STUNNING. the blue and yellow together is just *chefs kiss*. The collection is centred around love, life and lockdown and it reminds us of how important human connection is and really ignited the need to be grateful for a world we often take for granted. The beauty of ordinary life is highlighted throughout the collection, which only makes the poetry feel more raw and honest. It’s an interesting and intimate feeling to read poems which are so close to home. The poem, careful what you touch, talks of the moments in the pandemic that almost don’t feel real anymore – the lack of toilet paper in supermarkets, the massive panic queues. All of which we experienced. The poem, virtual coo ponders on our speaker, meeting a baby for the first time over whatsapp. The poem, I’m sure everyone can relate too, tells of finding connections through a time where disconnection feels too common. But, a whatsapp call will be enough, for now.

Chris brings his words to life through the use of imagery, which only makes them more evocative. The poems, a snapshot of time, turn immortal as they rest upon the page. The illustrations that accompany the poems are so beautiful, focusing on animals, nature and intimacy. They each flow so nicely with the poem besides, intertwining together to paint a full and vibrant picture.

The poetry book is so so so beautiful and captures the themes so vibrantly. We’re so honoured to be on the blog tour of such a wonderful poetry book. It’s definitely one to go back to whenever a sense of disconnection occurs. The poems leave a warm feeling in your heart because it reminds you, you’re not alone and love and connections are everywhere. Sometimes we just need a little nudge. We’re thrilled to have been able to add this beautiful poetry book to our collection.

Erin & Tay x

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